BFM - big f*ing (audio) meters

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BFM or Big F*ing Meters is a macOS, Windows, and now iOS compatible Metering plug-in designed exactly how the name sounds... really f*ing big. With the main goal of readability we wanted to bring a meter that you can see from across the studio and keep your records clip-free.

BFM currently offers 6 Modes with RMS, LUFs, Peak, and Peak Hold values, to give you a variety of views to keep your signal under control. The Text, Bars, Waves, VU Meters, Spectrum, & Time  let you decide how you want to keep track of your signal with multiple fonts/formats to view them in.

  • Text gives you a quick look at just the values easy to see from across the room with RMS, Peak, Peak Hold, and LUFS values available.
  • Bar offers a more traditional meter for seeing the range of values showing RMS, Peak, Peak Hold, and LUFS, Correlation & Balance meters.
  • Wave view gives you a look at your waveform after your channel effects with the ability to quickly mark in dB where you want to see your signals peak.
  • VU Meter Designed for a quick look at your overall levels. Featuring controllable Attack, Release, Minimum, and Maximum value control. Left/Right, Mid/Side, PPM, and LUFS options available.
  • Spectrum is a simplified frequency spectrum view with 3 quality modes. Great for getting an overall look at where your frequencies are when mixing or editing.
  • Time is designed to give you all of the session details including the SMPTE time, BPM, Time Signature, and more.
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Stand alone and VST3/AU/AUv3 compatible plug-in for Mac/PC/iOS.

VST3, AU, AUv3, Standalone
macOS 10.14+ // Windows 10+ (iOS 11+ Separate Purchase)
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$9.99 $8.99

BFM - big f*ing (audio) meters

92 ratings
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