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What’s new in v1.1

  • Increased control & screen size
  • Better knob feel & reactions on all platforms
  • Preset Menu to allow for customized controls at a tap
  • New custom color selection for Channels 1 & 2
  • Improved GUI size recall on close/reopen for all platforms
  • Updated GUI (Windows clarity improvements) with new Audio MIDI Setup & Added Info Page
  • 10 New Factory Presets added for quick customized starting points

Portable precision made simple

pocketOscilloscope is an easy-to-use stereo capable, customizable, oscilloscope with a built-in easy to read display to help quickly identify signal levels.

Easy-to-use flexible controls

Designed with real-life gear in mind, you have quick knobs for Channel 1 & 2 Voltage, Seconds, & Offset (Vertical & Horizontal), just like you would on hardware with the flexibility of a resizable and customizable GUI with automation-ready parameters.

Perfect for pairing

When used with pocketOSC, you can see exactly what is going in and out of your gear to help you figure exactly what’s happening with your signal.

Ready for any device

Crossplatform compatible and ready for use on macOS 10.15+, Windows 10+, and iOS 10.15+, pocketOscilloscope is ready to keep your signal in check anywhere you go.

*iOS is a separate purchase from Mac/PC found on the Apple App Store (link below).


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Mac/PC/iOS Compatible Oscilloscope plug-in (AUv3, AU & VST3) and stand-alone app.

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60 ratings
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