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healingBowl - Tibetan Healing Bowls

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healingBOWL is the combination of different sized Tibetan Singing Bowls recorded in Round Robin at different velocities and tuned for your musical needs. Sounds are Polyphonic and offered with 4 key-switch articulations including two different bell hit & sustains to bring any project a unique sense of calm.

Delay, Reverb, and Chorus effects are added by default, but not necessary for a variety of sounds. Complete with highness, lowpass Filters, full ADSR, and Tuning available in real time, makes sound design a breeze.

Keyswitches available on C-2 and D-2 for Bell 1 hits and sustains. E-2 and F-2 are used for Bell 2 hits and sustains.

Lower velocity samples are much darker due to the nature of the sound. The Filters come in handy when using these options.

Grab the instrument for Decent Sampler or download just for the samples! Enjoy!

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healingBowl - Tibetan Healing Bowls

28 ratings
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