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plateVerb is a macOS, Windows, and iOS compatible stereo plate reverb. Designed for VST3, AU, AUv3, and stand-alone use.

plateVerb is packed with 7 plate modes to give you a wide range of plate sounds to bring to your mix. 

Unlock the full sonic potential of each mode with in-depth controls; Mix, Dampening, Ducking, Left/Right Repeats and Decay. Their three band EQ Section (Low, Mid, and High), and master controls (Master Volume & Pan).

Plate Modes: 

  • redPlate:
    Immerse your audio in the rich, original plateVerb full-bodied resonance of a big plate sound.
  • digiPlate:
    Experience the full-bodied depth of a big plate sound in a digital realm.
  • shortPlate:
    Engage with a full-bodied, short plate sound that offers a classic touch of ambience.
  • voxPlate:
    Explore the fullness of a big plate sound, designed to enhance vocal clarity.
  • algoPlate:
    Dive into a world of algorithmically crafted big plate sound.
  • vintagePlate:
    Step into the nostalgia of a vintage big plate sound.
  • goldPlate:
    Experience the opulence of a full-bodied, gold-plated sound.

All settings can be saved and loaded in your sessions as well as crossplatform presets. All parameters offer automation control to get the most expressive sound.       


Changes from v1.0:

  • New modes “digiPlate”, “voxPlate”, “shortPlate”, “goldPlate”, “vintagePlate”, and “algoPlate”
  • New “Back” panel with in-depth parameters (Mix, Dampening, Ducking, Left/Right Repeats, Left/Right Decay, Low, Mid, High, Pan, Master Volume)
  • Improved Preset Manager (New Preset drop-down, next/previous preset, and quick save) 
  • 20 New Presets (Send & Insert) 
  • Refactored stand-alone for better performance
  • Updated GUI 
  • Mac/PC: Removed JUCE logo from launch
  • Mac: signed installer
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Stand alone and VST3/AU/AUv3 compatible plug-in for Mac/PC & iOS.

FX Type
Plate Reverb
VST3, AU, AUv3, & Standalone
iOS, macOS, & Windows
redPlate, digiPlate, voxPlate, shortPlate, goldPlate, vintagePlate, and algoPlate


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76 ratings
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