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[UPDATE] BFM v1.6.0 - New Features - iOS | MAC | PC 🎚️


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H Farstad

launchpad95helper.amxd needs to be bigger. can you make a gui for showing track names and parameters and all that jazz?

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OSC AudioCreator

We're working on even bigger values for everything, but that is an interesting comment. I'd be interested in looking into getting track details into a view. πŸ€” Would it be more helpful to be a dedicated page for these or the track information maybe display at the top of the window? Also, and sorry for so many questions, but what values are most important to you? I'll see what I can do to get some notes in my next session! Thanks for support. Best, Ryan OSC Audio

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Hello, i used yo have the bfm but i moved to another computer and i dont know how to have it again without purchase it once again

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OSC AudioCreator

All your downloads can be found in your GumRoad library for redownload at any time. Below is a link to get you going quickly. Enjoy! Best, Your OSC Audio Team

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